Jonathon D'Qroix

jon-b-quick, the Friar


Jon is a Landea Sanctum runner and enforcer, commonly known as The Friar by those who he ‘pays a visit to.’ Unfortunately not all who meet with him leave with all of their bones intact. He was not very high in the old Prince’s regime, but was a fierce fighter during the war.

Some say he was the first to Diablorize during the war, whether or not that’s true he certainly was among those who did. Going from a low powered bruiser to a dark-visaged powerhouse has certainly made others take notice. Not everyone is pleased with how he got that power though.

He is currently among those bidding for Prince. He has support of many Lancea Sanctum who think that he has the power and the smarts to keep the city in check. The rest of the organizaiton have a different candidate, one whose aura is not tainted by the blood of old vampires.

Jonathon D'Qroix

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