Rosalyn Delacord

Vincec's Primogen


One of only 2 surviving Primogen, where there were once 9, Rosalyn or Rose, did not participate in the war. Instead she barred her doors, fed on her herd, and let it all blow over. Some are upset with how she ignored the war, letting her fellows die when she is old, and very powerful, but she merely says it was the only logical option.

If you children want to go out and fight, dying for some cause, rather than being sensible and discussing it, that’s your problem. I’m going to stay inside and keep my final death waiting at least a little longer. Idiots

She previously would have been one of the obvious candidates for Prince with the fall of Vincec, but because of her refusal to help many of those who would have supported her are feeling reluctant to do so. She has not commented on the issue.

Rosalyn Delacord

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