Character Creation

Making your character

You can be from any faction you choose. You will each have 40 experience to spend, up to 10 more for dropping your Humanity to 5.

You cannot go above Blood Potency 2 unless you choose to have Diablorized someone in your backstory. War Crimes provides an explanation of Diablorization during the war and the negative reprecussions this Blood Potency might create.

A little background

You were young vampires before the war, now you are respected for some part of your actions during the war, be that your fighting prowess, your calming vioce, or your command of tactics. Because of this, elders in your faction have asked you to work together with a few others like yourself to help stabilize the Kindred in Prague. They urge you to be careful, these other vampires might be planning something you cannot afford.

Feel free to explain your character’s background prior to the war and their involvement in the war. You do not have to be from the Czech Republic, this city is among the vampire capitals of Europe.

Character Creation

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