Sierra Cahar

Coven leader


Sierra is the leader of the Circle of the Crones in Prague. She was dealing with no small task of making sure the Circle wasn’t eliminated by the Lancea Sanctum prior to the war. Now they’re in a much better spot, after the ruination of the larger two factions. Sierra has put her bid forward, but is not hoping to be the next Prince, instead hoping to give herself and her people a better position.

Has led the Circle in Prague for the last 300 years and is probably among the most powerful in Prague. In a vacuum she might be Prince, but the Circle doesn’t have the power to back her up.

She is a powerful vampire, at least 500 years old. She hasn’t been in Prague for more than a couple decades, originally from somewhere in the Middle East. She is vague about where or when she was turned

Sierra Cahar

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